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Surfing your way toward mental health

I heard this inspiring story on NPR this morning, about a program designed for people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The prime element of the program involves — surfing.

Yes, surfing. Confession: the closest I’ve ever gotten to surfing is when I listen to the Beach Boys. But this innovative program makes sense. Part of it was born out of necessity. This story takes place in South Africa. And like most countries, access to mental health care is very difficult there. This is an innovative way to reach people who really need it.

Listen to the story here.


A new version of Brian Wilson’s classic “God Only Knows”

Brian Wilson has lived with severe depression for much of his life. But that hasn’t stopped him from creating some of the most magical, wonderful songs that we all know by heart. Even with the classic “Pet Sounds,” I’ve always thought the Beach Boys were somewhat underrated. They were about more than surfing and getting the girl. They were about hopes, dreams, and promise. And as “God Only Knows” proves, their songs could be reflective and even melancholy, too.

Now, BBC music has honored Brian and the Beach Boys with this unbelievable new collaboration and video. Brian is here, along with so many others, including Elton John, Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, and so many more. Enjoy!