Helpful mental illness resources

This list is for people dealing with mental illness, and for friends/family who know someone who needs help. I will keep adding to this list, to please check back. Remember, there is help out there. You are NOT Alone!

National Suicide Hotline – 1-800-273-8255.

Available 24/7, with a real, live person on the line. I have this number programmed into my phone. I think everyone should. Because you never know…

Trans Lifeline – 877-565-8860

New hotline designed especially for the transgender community.


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – Also known as DBSA. This is an excellent website, full of information and personal stories. They also list DBSA support groups throughout the United States.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Also known as NAMI. Like DBSA, NAMI has local chapters that include support meetings and events.

Bring Change 2 Mind – Actress Glenn Close, who has dealt with mental illness in her family, helped found this organization, which seeks to end stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

This Is My Brave – a great place for people living with mental illness–as well as their friends and loved ones–to share there stories. This Is My Brave also puts on several shows each year, featuring performance pieces that give audiences a creative perspective on what it’s like to live with mental illness.

TED talks – Mental illness and mental health seem to be very popular TED subjects. And since it’s TED, these presentations are anything but boring.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – the name pretty much says it all. AFSP has lots of resources, chapters in several cities, and the increasingly popular Out of the Darkness Walks to raise awareness and funds.



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