Today’s one of my favorite days of the year

I love this day — even though I got an hour’s less sleep last night. Today is the first day of that weird twice-a-year ritual called Daylight Savings Time. This time, with turning the clocks forward, we get more daylight at the end of the day. And as someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), I sure do appreciate that.

daylight savings photo

Starting today, there will be more daylight in the late afternoon. The geese in my neighborhood are happy about that, and so am I. 

When my SAD gets to be too much, it often hastens my depression (I’m diagnosed with that, too.) But even though I did have a few episodes this winter, I have to say that I survived the reduced daylight better this winter than I have in past winters.

That could be because I’ve purchased more light-related products (like winter caps with LED lights) to get me through. Also, this winter in Boston has been milder than past winters.

But I’m sure glad that “the dark season” is over. Here’s to more light — today and for the next six months!


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