Olivia Pope, where are you?

I love Scandal. I love everything about that show, especially the way Kerry Washington, as Olivia Pope, says “It’s handled.” She’s so firm and definite when she says that.

This was one of those days when I wish Olivia could burst through my apartment door and just tell me those magic words: “It’s handled.” The day started with an anxiety attack when I got up. It wasn’t a big one on my personal Richter scale, but it was a pain nonetheless. It passed and I got on with my day, but then there were a bunch of little things that got to me. People who were supposed to contact me but didn’t. A client website that was supposed to go live but hasn’t. And my favorite: a trip to Automated Phone Hell when I tried to tell a utility company that  I have a new phone number, but could not get directed to the right place to share that piece of information. When I finally got a human, she told me that she “couldn’t take that information”–and gave me yet another number to try. I tried it, and once again I got nothing but automated choices. “Report a new phone number” was not one of them.

So I ended the day with my heart beating heavily and my blood boiling. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to tell normal anxiety from abnormal anxiety. I’m thinking that most people’s blood would boil after the day I had, so I try not to over-analyze it.

But boy, I wish Olivia was here. I might just have to watch a Scandal episode on Netflix just to see her.


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