So many sounds drive me nuts

I can’t stand it when people whistle or hum.

There, I said it. And I said it knowing full well that most people find these sounds appealing. But–as I am reminded constantly–I am not most people.

Given my love of music, you’d think I’d enjoy these sounds. But every time I hear someone whistling or humming, I want to strangle them. Or, at least tell them to shut up. Tonight, I was on a crowded subway, and I was pinned next to a woman who whistled and hummed. I looked at her face and she seemed so comfortable and at peace. This made me hate her even more.

I have no idea why whistling and humming affect me like they do. But then again, I have no idea why many sounds affect me like they do. Currently, my landlord is having to scrape a lot of snow and ice off the roof. (Warning: I am posting about the crappy weather again.) He must do this to prevent leaks and ice dams. But I live on the first floor, and I jump every time I hear snow and ice falling. Every single time.

Sometimes, I think my only answer is to keep my iTunes ear buds pasted to my ears. That way, I get to hear sounds and music that I want to hear. But my doctor warns me against doing this too much. What I call a coping mechanism, he calls a crutch. I don’t agree with him 100 percent, but he does have a point. If I spend too much time tuning out the “real world”, that’s no good.

I did not reach for my tunes to drown out that annoying whistling, humming woman. My heart raced and my blood boiled, but I just let them do whatever they needed to do.

I’m just glad I’m home now, enjoying some peace and quiet. Except for the sound of the wind blowing outside. Boy, I wish I could stop that.


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