Mindfulness during the winter is not easy

I have group therapy today. I’m not looking forward to going. It’s not the therapy itself. I actually like my group and my doctor. It’s the getting there.

Snow picI live near Boston, and we’ve just had the snowiest week in our history–more than 50 inches already, and there’s more on the way. This photo shows what it’s like outside my bedroom window. On a good day, it takes me 45 minutes to get to my therapy group. Today, it will probably take at least two hours. I won’t be driving. I’ll take public transportation to get there. But still, every bone in my body wants to stay home.

The winter is tough on my depression and anxiety, especially when it snows like this. In a way, it’s good that my group is still on. This group deals specifically with anxiety, so I’ll at least get to talk about my fear of being outside today.

But it’s tough. Until two weeks ago, we had a mild winter snow-wise. Now, some snow banks are as tall as I am (5 ft. 10″ to be exact.)

I’m going, though, even if I don’t want to. I will practice mindfulness and think about how good it will be for me once I get there. Something tells me that I won’t be alone when I bring up the weather.

Pardon the snow talk, but I will plow through this.


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