Clutter, you are NOT my friend

Behold, my kitchen table right now. As you see, it’s not exactly set for an inviting meal. It’s now the domain of a small mountain of folders, papers, and mail that I SWORE I was going to open, but still table photohaven’t. They sit scattershot on my kitchen table because there’s no room for them at my desk. That’s because my desk is — you guessed it — also strewn with folders, papers, and mail that I still haven’t opened.

Ah, clutter. You pretend to make my life easier, but you don’t. I know that clutter is common among creative types, as well as people with depression. As a writer with depression, I guess I fit the bill. It wouldn’t be so bad if I actually knew where each document is among the rubble. (I HAVE met people with a talent for that.) But I don’t. And I’m sure there are things in there that I’ve completely forgotten about.

I’ve been meaning to start making a dent in my clutter for days now. But I haven’t. I’m nervous–even a little fearful–about doing it. It’s as if I’m afraid of what I’ll find, even though I have an idea of what’s in there. Is this logical? Of course not. Fears rarely are logical.

So here’s the deal. Today, I’m going to set aside a half an hour to start going through this stuff. Just 30 little minutes. But to me, it’s not just 30 minutes. Even as I type this goal, I can feel my heart pounding.

But damn it, I’m going to let the old ticker pound. Clutter is not my friend. Clarity is. And damn it, I’m just going to do what I need to do.

Do you have issues with clutter? What do you do about it? I’d love to hear tips in the comments section.


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