“This is Your Brain” video encourages us to “talk about the crazy”

For me, this video could not have come at a better time. About an hour ago, I had another anxiety attack. It wasn’t a big one, but it knocked me for a loop for a few minutes. It came as I was printing something out on my printer. There was no rhyme or reason for it that I could figure out. I’m learning not to let that bother me.

This video covers anxiety, and what triggers it in the brain. The truth is, I have an overactive amygdala. (If you don’t know what that is, watch the video.) This is what causes my anxiety. I take meds for it. I try to manage it as best I can. But still, my amygdala has, shall I say, a mind of its own. Somehow, it’s comforting for me to think “I just have an overactive amygdala.” At least that’s better than “Why the fuck am I freaking out right now?”.

I have depression, too, and that’s covered in this video. So is bipolar, OCD, and mania in general. Robin Williams and Vincent van Gogh are in there, too. And if you stick around to the end, you’ll see a whole montage of people who, at one time, have faced some type of mental illness. (I won’t spoil them all, but I’ll give you one hint: one of them is a man we honor today in the United States.)

The bottom line is that the video encourages us to “talk about the crazy.” The more we do that, the less the world will think of us as homicidal maniacs. (The video covers that big stereotype, too.)

I had a little “crazy” today. I acknowledged it. I talked about it. And now I feel better. I hope this video makes you feel better, too.



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