Merry Christmas. And remember–it will soon be over

Merry Christmas to all my followers and readers who celebrate. And hang in there, too.

Seriously, everyone I know is at least somewhat stressed out by Christmas. I’m okay with it, but I think that’s only because I’m Jewish. Yes, we have Chanukah. But unless you have kids (which I don’t), or you’re very religious (which I’m not), Chanukah just isn’t that big a deal. It’s really not even a major holiday, as far as Jewish law is concerned. No big deal means less stress. I do celebrate Christmas with friends. But somehow, being Jewish seems to give me a psychological cushion. I do things because I want to; not because I’m expected to.

If Christmas was my holiday, I’d be as stressed out as everyone else is–probably even more so. All that commercialism and pressure–it’s a lot to deal with. That’s why I say “hang in there” along with “Merry Christmas.” Because December 26 WILL come. I promise.



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