2014 — the year of the HAPPY songs

At this time of year, everyone comes out with their year in review stories. On one of the music sites I visited, I couldn’t help but notice that three of the year’s biggest hits all had to deal feeling happy–or at least trying to feel happy.

In fact, one of the tunes is even called Happy. Put that in rotation with Let It Go and Shake It Off, and you get nothing short of a big musical therapy session. I have a special recovery song list on my iPhone, and Happy and Let It Go are on it. I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, so that keeps me from adding Shake It Off. But God knows, that song is EVERYWHERE. I can’t avoid it even if I wanted to.

I wonder if there’s a trend here. Maybe a lot of people need their spirits lifted right now, and they latch on to tunes that help them do that. To me, these songs represent an ideal that’s worth striving for, even if I can’t always reach it. For those of us with a mental illness, it’s not easy to Let It Go or Shake It Off, and it’s not easy to be Happy.

But I’m glad these songs are out there. When I need a lift, they’re there for me if I want them. I’m happy about that.


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