George Harrison, and some musical mindfulness on a crappy day

I feel like shit today. I blame Mother Nature.

Today in Boston, it’s cold, windy, and rainy — also known as The Worst Combination for My Depression and Anxiety. How bad is it? A guy just told me he liked my umbrella. I responded by running from him as fast as I could. At least I didn’t tell him to go fuck himself. I wanted to.

The reason I’m out at all is that I happen to have doctors appointments today — appointments that involve doctors analyzing my anxiety. The last thing I need is weather like this to make their jobs easier!

Alas, I can do nothing about the weather. So I’m trying to practice some musical mindfulness. I’m thinking about songs that mention the sun. And this song is at the top of my list. So, come on, George Harrison! Remind me that, yes, the sun will come again.



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