Robin Williams’ beautiful fake smile

Robin Williams Smile

I saw this on Facebook today and I had to share it. I call my blog Not Always Smiling. It’s an ironic homage to the stupidest piece of “advice” I ever got about my depression. I was once told that if I only smiled more, my depression would be cured. Yeah, right.

I’m sure Robin Williams had to put up with a lot of idiotic comments, too. I don’t know of anyone with a mental illness who hasn’t. Me? I’m tired of having to “fake” my feelings just on the off-chance that I’ll be understood. It takes up so much damn energy.

Robin Williams had a beautiful smile. And one hell of a sense of humor. He was actually quite open about his depression. But mostly, people just wanted the laughs and the smiles. Maybe he was too funny. Maybe he smiled too much. The sad thing is, no one will ever know.


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