An artist who can read my mind


After years of renovation, the Harvard art museums are once again open to the pubic. Today, I figured I’d take advantage of a few hours of free time and go have a look-see. I liked a lot of what I saw. But I was most intrigued by this painting. From a distance, it looks like stars in a galaxy. But up close, it reveals itself as lots of tangled, inter-connected lines. I wish I could make this photo bigger. I’m not that technical, and I’m still learning WordPress. But if you can magnify the photo, you’ll be glad you did.

I’m not sure who the artist is, but I can look at this painting for a long time. When I saw it, I immediately thought, “This is what my mind must look like.” Even the title suits my mind. The painting is called “Unsettled.”

That’s my mind, for sure.


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