Wayne Brady opens up about his depression

Wayne Brady is known for his humor and his outgoing personality onstage. Here, he opens up and tells us that his life offstage has been much different. I identify a lot with what Wayne says here. But to me, the most revealing part deals with how his depression cut him off from his family and friends. As his depression deepened, he became more stand-offish. As he says, “when you think you’re going crazy, you don’t want to reveal too much of the crazy.”

It’s a defense mechanism, but it often backfires. As his friend says here, “I just thought you were being a jerk.” That really hit me because I’ve been told that I am aloof and stand-offish. If I am that way, it’s because I, too, am very cautious about revealing my true self. At times, that true self isn’t fun or pretty.

But here’s a great example of the power of opening up — for someone with depression, and for a friend of someone with depression. It’s a cliché, but it’s true: you’re only as sick as your secrets.


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