Why do I find this “disgusting” little movie so funny?

Meet The Digustings – a pair of jaded gay men who hate just about everyone and everything. It’s dark, it’s crass — and when I watched it, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Why? Because, in watching these two complain incessantly, I saw just a little of myself. Well, maybe more than I little. It’s not just because I’m a gay man who has been known to be somewhat jaded.  As someone who has both depression and social anxiety disorder, I would say that both these men are prime candidates to become members of these tribes, if they’re not already. I’ll admit that when I’m in one of my moods, I’m not fun to be around. Watching these two, I can actually understand that from a different perspective.

The video has become a viral hit, and there’s talk of it becoming a feature film – or at least a video series. If it does, I’ll be watching. So far, I love The Disgustings. I guess I don’t hate everything after all.


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