What I’ve got in common with earthquakes

“Your brain is like the San Andreas Fault.”

My therapist actually said that to me today. I like my therapist. He has compassion, but doesn’t pull any punches. I asked him what he meant by that. He leaned in, looked me in the eyes, and went on.

“Your depression and your anxiety are like these two tectonic plates, rubbing against one another. And sometimes, they cause a quake.”

With that, I laughed. Hard. There might not be a more accurate analogy of my brain. But I said to him, “If you’re trying to make me feel good, I’m not sure it’s working.”

So then he says, “If your brain is like the San Andreas Fault, then you are like California. You’ve had a lot of quakes, but you’re still standing.”

To this, I responded as only someone with depression and anxiety could: “Isn’t California supposed to float off into the ocean one day?”

“But it hasn’t. It’s still here. And so are you.”

He’s right. I did leave my therapist’s office feeling good, which is nice, because I have had an uptick in anxiety attacks recently. But, just like an earthquake, the anxiety does eventually subside. I just need to remember things like that.

BTW, when I think of earthquakes, I think of this Carole King classic. This song always puts me at ease.


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