The medication maze

It’s not easy having two mental illnesses–and it sure as hell isn’t easy treating two mental illnesses.

I’ve come to realize this since February, when I received my anxiety diagnosis to go along with the depression I’ve had for years (if not my whole life.) I’m not considered bipolar, but with this dual diagnosis, I now understand the frustration that many bipolar people have with their medications. In a nutshell, treating depression and anxiety is difficult, because they both come from different sides of the brain. That makes it a challenge finding the right combination of meds.

I’m certainly feeling better than I was a few months ago, but I still don’t think I have the right “cocktail” yet. A few weeks ago, my doctor increased my anxiety medication dosage, because I suddenly had trouble falling asleep at night. Well, the increase worked a little too well. Now, I can get to sleep easier, but I feel tired all the time. Even with exercise and meditation, I’m yawning constantly. I don’t like that.

I like my doctor, and I have faith that my meds can be adjusted. But right now, I feel like–well, like Charlie Chaplain in Modern Times, caught in-between the spinning wheels.



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